Making money with online poker in two different ways

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In recent years often read on various sites and blogs , which you can make money with online poker. Sometimes you say , even , that you can becoming startlingly rich easily . How much truth is there in these claims?

The purpose of this article is just to figure out if it’s true that you can make money with online poker and possibly how . Therefore, before you throw yourself headlong into any poker room , read carefully what follows.

Let’s start by saying that , contrary to what most people think , the sports poker is not a game of chance ! This statement is certainly true only in the poker classics like telesina , where you play for continuous raises.

Making money with online poker in two different ways

In poker tournaments instead , especially in the Texas hold’em ( so to speak what they see on TV ), it is a bet predetermined and equal for all. Then you give the chips that represent a virtual figure , often different from that of the episode, and all the same.

The payouts are made as to the game of bingo. In a table where several players are seated , the first to lose all their virtual chips ( with bets and raises hand ) leave without gaining anything.

The last remaining , 3, 4 or 5 players (depending on how rich is the dish ) , they earn their bets. For example, if you divide the prize pool for the last 4 left ( the best ones of course) , the fourth-ranked (ie, the third-last to lose everything ) will redeem the fourth prize.

The penultimate exit to receive the third prize , the last to leave and the second prize , the winner will collect the top prize . A little ‘as bingo that both maybe win a € , 2 € the terno , the quadruplet 4 € and so on.

Please understand that with this type of regulation can not be considered more than a game of chance where you get hurt. For example, if we want to play the game 5 € and there are 10 participants , the pot will be 50 euro and you, in the worst case , you will lose 5 euro .

In addition to the amount to be paid to form the pot , you should always consider another who will take the manager of online poker software that provides you with the service and ensure that economic transactions . This committee has the name of the rake so that, in the end, in the game there is always a dish and a rake.

That said, I’ll be right central topic of the article: make money with poker online is really possible? And, if necessary , and if so how much?

For one thing, this game is subject to very little luck. It is not like playing with online casinos where the payouts depend on luck . In online poker you win doing complex mathematical calculations . If you go there to have fun hoping to win thanks to luck, then you’ve already lost !

So, first thing, you always have to be super concentrated. No text messages on chat while playing , no video calls on Skype , no readings Facebook posts , no TV or radio on, and so on.

Secondly, always adopts the so-called bankroll management . In practice, it consists in the careful management of your real capital . If you start playing by opening an account with 50 euro , never point the tables where participation is more than one euro. In practice , do not point in a game more than 2% of your capital .

Do not worry if you have little money. This is because many services online poker have to input a lot of dishes neighboring units , as little as 50 cents …

Always remember that if you have a bad day is better not to try to make up right away ( ‘d end up losing a lot more) . Remember also that if you’re down in the dumps , stressed out or thoughts , it is best that you do not play at all!

To get started you do not need capital. Most services allow you to play free online poker beginners in the table , ie a table where all those who have to learn how to play go to train. If you did not become competitive in the table of beginners , then do not play with real money in that .

You can consider an average of at least competitive when you played 40,000 hands of play ! Only with these numbers happened to be looking over your shoulder you enough combinations of cards , such as to make you skilled enough to try to make money with online poker.

When you feel ready , you can play at a table with bets from 50 cents. After that, when in this type of table you will become one of the very competitive (ie, you win a lot more than what you will bet in time) , then you can go to the table by a euro .

Estimated that as you go up in the dishes , you’ll find more and more good people . If you play on those stakes to 10 Euros , you can find the poker masters … or the idiot who think they are smart ! Making money with online poker in two different ways poker is a saying that says : ” If within the first 15 minutes of the game you could not find the chicken of the table, then the chicken is you! ”

Also consider that some players who are competitive in the high stakes tables , most often fall into the poorest countries to make ” the rooster in the hen house ” and earn easy …

Poker is a game of chance : those who know how to handle and use it to your advantage in the long run gains . Therefore, make money with online poker is definitely doable . However, you can not consider a job or some source of income .

Poker , like any sport , it can be considered a pastime or a hobby. Hardly, even if you become very good at it, be able to earn more than 3/400 EUR per month!

The fact that someone , like the champions of the world you see on TV, even earn millions of dollars a year , it means nothing . The vast majority of people do not earn anything . Moreover, if one wins a million dollars , then it is obvious that other people have lost a million dollars .

Of people with a driver’s license is full of the world , but the world champions Formula 1 nor there one year! I made you this example because , if you really make money with poker online and you can make poker a profession, then you must be willing to dedicate your life to do this …

What does this mean? It means that to really make money with online poker you have to become a monster of bravuro but , for this to happen, you have to be willing to play many hours EVERY day ( including Sundays ) and feel led to this thing .

Therefore : or mature a real passion for online poker , or forgotten about so we can earn significant digits because, if you do not like and do it only for money , definitely will give up very soon after losing the first least significant sums .

What about all those sites ( constantly increasing ! ) That it almost seems that it is enough to enroll in a poker room all to see piles of money literally falling from the sky ? Simple: they are trying to make money with online poker, without having to play!

What do you mean … ? In the sense that they are all affiliates of those 4-5 poker rooms that are all the rage and earn in these two different ways:

  • They take a commission one-off cash (several tens of Euros ) for each new member who will play in the poker room.
  • Or, in some cases , you can earn a percentage through perpetual who will take bets from people who signed up .

And saying this , I’ve just been introduced to the second system (less known ) in order to make money with online poker , in practice you should join the affiliate program of the poker room , and then give you to do to find him new members.