Four Tips to Save on Online Poker Bankroll

Poker Online

Many poker players , even those accustomed to winning, often in danger of burning your bankroll very quickly .
Even the best players can ruin weeks or months of poker crazy and desperate with one or two sessions are wrong.
Not surprisingly , players who lose money playing live poker tournaments (and here we are talking about a good 90% of the total player live) very often also complain of not being at all able to maintain a positive balance in the online game .
What is surprising , however, is that the same problem seems to afflict so very heavy even those players who live in the amounts they can win even very important , despite the common sense to think that you always carry some successes in live are always accompanied by similar results even in the world of online poker.
Unfortunately for all the players to be successful in the game of poker on the internet requires a lot more discipline and a lot more control than that in live poker .
The players are stronger, faster games and is never found anyone with whom he exchanged a few words (possibly comfort ) when things start to go wrong.
If you think you are a good poker player , and even though you think you know how to do is to win your online poker bankroll continues to fluctuate almost as if the rating of a European country , then try to take a look at this article . Why might just explain those five “simple” points that you require to make a difference.
1. Respect your bankroll
Let’s start right away with putting on the table the most important concept of all : if you want to make money playing poker online, then you must understand that it is crucial to play only within the limits of your bankroll.
To explain this concept in the easiest and probably most effective way possible , we take as an example the famous theorem of Ruin Player .
One of the key concepts of Ruin Player is this: you take two players and you put them against each other in a zero-sum game – to say ” heads or tails ” .
Player A has a limited bankroll while player B has an infinite bankroll : infinitely repeated game , player A with a limited bankroll runs out of money available .
In the world of online poker, the game puts you against all other handing you the title of Player A (the one with the limited bankroll ) against the virtually infinite bankroll available to all other players. So if poker is a zero sum game , you would not have any hope of survival.
Fortunately, if you are a winning player , you can still expect to get a pretty good return on investment – if you manage to get enough money to go through periods of downswing and variance without suffering negative effects too catastrophic .
Your bankroll, though limited, it needs to be big enough to ” look” infinite. A good rule to make it last ? All right – that’s the most important: when you play , always try not to put on the table more than 5% of your bankroll. Only in this way you can really feel safe.
2 . Did not think about your money
If you are following the first rule , quell ache urges you to play with a bankroll smart, then (unless you are in times of heavy and prolonged downswing ), you should find yourself in the best position to cancel the risk of ending up with no money in the account .
If you think that then you do when you play poker with chips and not with your money , then you can understand perfectly how to play your hands in mind as these you can ” cost ” in terms of real money is absolutely irrelevant.
The fact that virtually all of the poker programs allow to check the status of your account with one or two clicks even within the game screen – and , therefore, not only from the lobby – however, makes it very easy to fall into the trap to check how much money you have left to watch over the bankroll.
Which, let’s face it , it’s also very nice when it happens to the best moments of upswing and means to see the numbers go higher and higher allowing you to enjoy (finally ? ) The feeling of being able to find the right way to play.
The problem in this case is that just a bad beat , what in the jargon is called bad beat to bring down the numbers and to completely change the mood at the first rapid glance .
A change of mood related to the defeat and the consequent reduction of the bankroll can in fact easily lead to the emergence of a dangerous feeling of revenge can push you to play more and more for you to win the amount lost in the shortest possible time.
What then, in poker, is the first step in the road of self-destruction .
3 . Take the game very seriously
When you are playing poker with real money , the bond between your decisions and the pot on the table is of fundamental importance because even the most insignificant mistakes can cost you a lot more expensive than you might think initially.
For this reason, any distraction is always in danger of getting paid very dear – should also be the most pleasant distractions as possible.
The secret , then, is to be able to play poker eliminating all those elements and all those actions that may in any way threaten to move even in a very minimal attention you place on the game in progress.
Another very important element to be inserted at this point, for the reason that motivates you to connect to a poker room and start playing online. If you do that to win or for the sheer passion for the game – no problem, we give you the green light and wish you to be able to demonstrate your qualities to the table.
If , on the contrary , think that to make a round of poker is a perfect idea to combat boredom , then forget it because poker – the serious one – is the fact that most of waiting for action. And people who are bored are unlikely to be excited by the simple wait for the right time to take action.
4 . Eye to your needs
As you can force yourself to think otherwise, you are still human beings, and as such you need to take care of yourself and your health in order to be able to give their best in a poker game .
If you do not eat proper foods – or , worse , you’re actually fasting – the risk of not having what it takes to assess quickly and clearly all actions that take place before your eyes ending up hopelessly to take wrong decisions .
If then , just to make another very simple example , you do not play from a position comfortable enough to make you feel completely at ease , then the inconvenience of a wrong chair could end up having unpleasant consequences on your game.

In short , take a nice comfortable chair , put your hand on the surface of an ergonomic mouse ( poor Apple users ! ) And maybe even give a look on google to find out all the secrets to keep the correct posture as possible